Saturday, April 29, 2006

a million reasons why i'm a better mountain biker

i don't know if there are actually a million. but there are a lot. actually, every pedal i take during a crit or road race is another good reason for me to stick to the dirt.

but, for some strange reason, i still like the road thing. maybe it's a challenge, one that i can't ever seem to meet. i don't know why i would ever expect to win anything bigger than a tuesday night training race, but i still do. every time i line up, i still line up to win. this year i have been able to ride more and things have been looking up. but, like i said, i'm better at mountain biking than, well, just about anything.

take today for instance, the carondolet crit that's part one of the tour of st. louis. lots of fast guys , quite a few from out of town. i worked hard. chased down promising breaks. bridged some gaps. ...and still got lapped by the super fast guys. aaaarrrrghh. it didn't matter though, because i kept trying. i wasn't going to get out of the red zone until i crossed the finish line. it may not matter to anyone else but me, but i'm not racing unless i'm RACING. in my defense, it was a hard and fast race. the wind was a huge factor, as crosswinds made any type of smooth racing impossible. there were large tree limbs blown into the course the entire duration, and one huge section of tree fell into the back straight with 2 to go. yikes. lots of guys dropped out over the 75+5 race, so it wasn't a cake walk.

....there is always tomorrow.

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