Tuesday, April 11, 2006

sleepless nights and shizam

we didn't get much sleep last night. well, i slept a couple of hours, and the missus slept none. seems the new addition has his days/nights mixed up. he also wants to nurse, A LOT! which means lots of diapers. so it was an endless cycle of feeding/diapers/feeding/diapers. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

i got up this morning, groggy and crabby. but, it was such a glorious day it was hard to stay in a bad mood. i ate my otis spunkmier bananna nut muffin and kiss the family goodbye. first, i headed over to mom's house...i still have this nagging feeling that i'm going to drive down her street and find an empty lot where the house once stood...like some catastrophe just took it away like dorothy's house. in my case, though, it would be more like a flooded basement from my dubious plumbing. anyway, it was in ship shape and i was happy.

i went back to work today. i was lucky that the guys at work were on top of things and i didn't have any extra work in my lap because i missed a day. i missed the troops at home terribly, though.

after heading home, checking on the family, eating a snickers crunch and drinking a pepsi, i pedaled off to the tuesday night races. not as many guys tonight, but everyone was quite jumpy. seems like the tilles crit had a break go from like, lap one, and i think there were some sore egos. so what did i do? i chased after everything that moved, too. doh. i even bridged to a couple of promising breaks. and it worked! it was a BIG group. 13 guys, i think. mr. hill, fletch, zach, lanyon, the whole crew. notibly absent was mr. carter...probably satisfied after trouncing the field over the weekend. anyway, it was tough. our break was not content to roll along. fletch was driving like a madman, and joe took matters into his own hands a few time. even gary, of ace and gary fame, came out to make my life miserable. mw put in a few pulls that weren't bad, but not up to his usual. finally, with a lap to go, there was an attack and i latched on. about 6 of us got a gap. i bobbled the last corner, taking the inside line and getting cut off pretty badly. i managed a half-baked sprint and came up third. not bad, not bad. shizam, i could get used to this!

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