Thursday, April 13, 2006

i went mtn biking and got a tan!!!!

although i have been able to get on the bike a fair amount lately, it's almost never the mtn. bike. i have enough time to get on the road bike because there is no transportation time, but going off-roading takes a travel-time commitment that i don't have.

with today's near-heatwave, i took my afternoon riding to castlewood. i know, it's so tired. it was a great ride, though. i did 3 big loops, climbing lone wolf, cardiac, and ranger station all three laps, about 2 hours total. my climbing is good, but the 'wood has turned into a gravel pit these days. i was doing a lot of gravel surfing in the corners. maybe it will clear out by the time the BIG DAY comes in may.

i must admit to being quite knackered. good thing the wife had home made tacos waiting for me. i may have needed a snickers introveniously had there not been nutrition available.....

young elijah did a good job of sleeping last night. he may just get this sleeping thing down yet. 5 days is not a lot of time to learn the ropes, i know i still have a hard time sleeping some nights and i'm 14,255 days old. or is it 14,256??

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