Tuesday, April 04, 2006

tuesday night worlds and super fans

tonight was the first edition of the time honored tradition of the tuesday night worlds. those savy old-timers will remember them as the wednesday night crits, when they were run on the old airport course. those tuckered out due to bad pavement and became the tuesday night races at gateway international raceway across the river in illinois. thankfully, that only lasted a couple of seasons and the tuesday night world championship races came home to st. louis city and settled in carondolet park, only a hop skip and a jump from our humble home.

good weather meant a good crowd. from the gun, my super fans were belting out a string of "go daddys" to rival nascar fans. two out of three of my super fans were there; mrs. k and tyson. hanna is the third member, and usually joins them on weekend races to make for a noisy cheering section.

the noise obviously helped, as i was in an early break that lasted the duration. josh carter attacked, and i followed. luckily for me, others caught on because going mono-0-mano with mr. carter is not my idea of a fair match up. although i'm sure some in the group would beg to differ, i thought it was tough. it ended up being a 10-man break, but i liked my chances in a sprint. and it did come down to a sprint. josh went early, before the last corner, and i followed again. he looked to be easing up, and i poured it on. i came within a wheel of getting it, but in a sprint with josh, i think that's pretty good. (he only beat me by a wheel because he didn't feel like beating me my a bike length tonight, i guess?) 2nd is okey dokey with me.

my super fans went crazy. they brought down the house. dad got 2nd at a road event!!! dad placed at a road event!!! whooo hooo.

it's good to have super fans.

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