Sunday, April 09, 2006


i'm elijah oliver. i was born yesterday. i know, i know, it's a tired joke about someone who doesn't know much. but i really was. yesterday i weighed 7lbs. 6oz. and i measured 20 inches. today i may have dropped a few ounces 'cause it's hard to gain weight on what they feed you here.

yikes, it was a madhouse here yesterday. first there was all this comotion about me, and all i wanted to do was get warm. there were people everywhere wiping and poking and pushing and wiping some more. i don't see what everyone was so excited about, i didn't make anyone wait very long. i finally got to get cozy with mom and dad, and then i had to take a bath. a bath? i didn't even have time to get dirty! next, all of these people came in to see me. mom and dad kept telling me who these people were, but it was hard to remember them all. i met hanna and tyson, my older brother and sister. they seem like pretty cool kids. i'm pretty sure they'll come in handy when i need help with the neighborhood bully. there were a few other nice people, too. like grandma and pawpaw, aunt neenee, unca jim, and a couple of other redhead kids that look a lot like tyson. unca jim kept congratulating my dad on breaking the redheaded kid streak. i guess i'm going to be special because i have black hair. there were more unca's, too, like keith and kevin. the room was packed.

once it got dark, mom, dad and i settled down in a nice private room. i ate a lot, soiled quite a few diapers, and got in lots of good lovin' from them. every now and then, i dozed off for a while, and when i woke up, i noticed mom and dad were sleeping too! i woke them up each time this happened, i'm not sure why they kept falling asleep like that.

today was pretty much the same as yesterday, except i didn't have many visitors. there were lots of different nurses, and i'm pretty sure my doctor came by, but i told her to take a raincheck because i was having lunch. maybe i'll see her tomorrow, something about circum -stances, circum-vention, circum-something? couldn't be that bad, right?

anyway, that's the first two days of my life. is this pretty much what life is like most of the time?


Daniel B. said...

Congrats, TK!!!

My nephews name is Oliver...

Schvonzie said...

Thats awesome, any rulling on the Godparents yet?


tk said...

thanks, guys. schvonz, i think the godparents may be established. if something falls through, i'll let you know. ;)