Monday, April 03, 2006

over the weekend

take this thing off, it's driving me crazy!!!
strangely enough, this is cute on 6 year olds
i'm sure i'll get in trouble for this one, but i really think it's cute!

while we were waiting for the baby to make an appearance this weekend, we actually did some things.

hanna came up to visit, and she, tyson and i rode our bikes around wilmore park while the lovely mrs. k tried walking herself into the delivery room. that didn't work, but the kids and i put in some rightous milage. tyson still has a little trouble keeping up, having 16" wheels and those pesky training wheels. he promises he will shed them come summer. hanna, meanwhile, is sporting new dental work and absolutely FLIES when she has a little room. i clocked her at 14.2 miles per hour on a straight by one of the ponds at wilmore. whew! tyson, meanwhile, also posted a personal best of 10.5mph, but i had to stop pushing him when he exhibited a bit of speed wobble.

mrs. k did a little wobbling of her own when i made the whole clan go to home depot with me to buy some supplies for mom's house. i finished the upstairs bathroom, installing a sink and vanity all by myself. i cuss a lot when noone is around. i still need to cap off some water lines, and getting a little inside info from the M part of the S&M duo, i feel like i can do it. smart cookie, that M.

i keep getting text messages from my friends dan and myriam...where's the baby? did she have it yet?? what's going on?? sadly, i keep texting back that there is no news. i really appreciate all the encouragement from everyone, though. the mrs. and i have tried every trick in the book to speed along these painfully slow final days. yes, EVERY trick, some really fun, others not so much.


Deanna said...

you're right honey, you are in trouble!

tk said...

uh oh.

Daniel B. said...

I'll be back in STL tomorrow. Come up with a name yet? I have a few suggestions, and no, "Dan" is not one of them.

tk said...

see new post!