Friday, April 14, 2006


i suppose my week has taken it's toll. i'm really tired today. i got a good nights sleep, but it wasn't enough to make up for the hectic 6 days previous. this weekend should be less hectic, but easter does have it's way of tiring a person out, searching for those colored eggs and all....

i had a treat this morning. kmox radio has this fitness/exercise show (Metro Imaging Health and Fitness Show) on sunday afternoons with monica adams, and this weeks focus was on cycling. mw and i met up down at the kmox headquarters next to the arch. ok, we didn't meet up, i was on time, mike was naturally late, naturally. so, monica started with me and asked a few questions about cycling and racing and all that cool stuff. mike did make it for most of the broadcast.

it was really neat to sit in a broadcast studio. i didn't get any cool headphones, but the mic was sure cool. i was really nervous, as i was sure i was going to say something really, really dumb. we'll have to wait for the broadcast on sunday to hear if i did. it airs sunday at 1:10pm.


Daniel B. said...

I'll tune in, fo' sho'! ..."So you wrote: Ho fo sho?"

I have to hit some of your action in the Tuesday Nites, yo... 2nd and 3rd, right off the bat?! That's the stuff of dreams.

tk said...

oh, let's not get too excited. i'm a realist. i can only hope my streak continues!