Wednesday, April 19, 2006

another good tnw

the tuesday night worlds were again mildly successful for me last night. the weather was great and so was the crowd.

the first few minutes of the race were hectic, with attacks going straight away. mr. hill was flying, and took mr. merli with him. i was a few meters in front of the field at the time, so i joined. so did mr. carter, mr. martel, mr. lanyon, and pirtles james and ryan(of ace and gary fame). woo! we had a solid, powerful break going!

solid, yes. powerful, certainly. staying with this group was the hardest thing i have done on a bike this year. at the 15 minute mark, i was thinking about calling it quits. some laps, all i could do was concentrate on the wheel in front of me. when mr. hill was driving, it was a lap of destruction! i was very glad to have teammates in there. but, as the race went on, gary was jettisoned.

when the lap cards started counting down, i breathed a sigh of relief. i knew i could stick it, and i even felt like i could sprint. i got together with johnny and told him to stick close. with the areas best sprinters in the break, this was no time to go it alone. in the final lap, mr. hill jumped hard, as he did last week. seeing an opportunity, i followed. warp speeds for half a lap, this was perfect if johnny had gotten my wheel. he didn't. joe petered out at about the climb on the backstraight...i went around, only to be passed myself by carter and lanyon, and a few seconds later by the younger pirtle. as i stood to "sprint" the last straight, johnny went by, too. i guess he got the memo late.

fifth place wasn't bad, especially after looking at my speedo and realizing that our average speed was 26.37mph...a full mph above last weeks race! this was also elijah's first race. he was in attendence with mom and tyson. i don't think he understood what was going on yet, as he seemed to be sleeping most of the time, and watching dad in a killer break like this was no time to be sleeping! he needs to be taught the rules by the rest of my super fans, i guess.

not bad for an old guy, i think.....


Daniel B. said...

I have the AVS 26.34 for the main field, as well. When Ryan Pirtle came back to the pack he dragged us around for two insanely fast laps... that prolly helped the AVS.

I felt tired last night, so I never put the face to the wind. Just used it as a good speed workout.

Did Lanyon win again?? Was Russ Murphy in the break? Did you hear Scott Hill won the "B" race?! I was standing there with Klages, and I asked, "Did Scott just win the prime?", and Klages goes, "No man, he just won the race." Crazy.

tk said...

lanyon was actually out of the break for a couple of laps and got back in. i believe josh won. crazy fast night, yo!