Thursday, April 27, 2006

maiden voyage

of the scott was today. even though it wasn't totally sorted out, it was a blast. i had almost forgotten how fun a really nice hardtail is. actually, i have never had one quite this nice.

the lightest mountain bike i've ever had, this bad boy tipped the scales at 21lbs, 11oz...coincidentally the same weight as kaiser's full suspension ride. oh well, it's still light to me. i didn't even go through with some of the lightweight craziness i had originally planned. middleburn cranks? too flexy, i fed them to the weight weenie cannibals. xtr's work just fine.

it zooms uphill. it accelerates like a rocket. no wasted energy. wow. and it doesn't even ride rough. it's no full suspension rig, mind you, this thing rocks.


Daniel B. said...
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Daniel B. said...

That thing is awesome!!! Is that a full carbon Ritchey WCS seatpost?? ...This bike should help you make quick work of your competition. I know "it's not about the bike", but we're not exactly riding Road Masters out there, or Pacific, etc. That probably what I should be riding though! For crying outloud.