Friday, February 03, 2017

Work isn't always Boring

 I can find a thousand things every day that I find interesting.  Some of those things will be work-related.  On Fridays and some Sundays during the last year, I've worked a second "job".  Money is always a draw to working extra, but I can't tell you how many things I've learned to do.  Lights, wiring, plumbing, sanding, painting, pushing, pulling, and good old fashioned put yer back into it stuff.

Remember how much I hate heights?  Once again I overcame that fear to get some rooftop work accomplished.  First....this ladder.  Hate these things.
 Once out on top, today's brilliant sunshine and the brisk air gave me some real energy.  Here I'm looking West toward highway 64.  I wish that horizon included some mountains, but it doesn't.
After some semi-skilled caulk work, I had to descend the hellish ladder again through this hellish port hole.  Man, couldn't the ladder come up and over the edge here?  I mean, I've seen enough Three Stooges skits and Road Runner cartoons to know that an ill-timed stumble sends you head first down one of these things.  Lucky for me, the gods of slapstick were not against me.

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