Sunday, February 19, 2017

Car Watching - Jaguar F-Type S AWD

 I have a soft spot for Jaguar cars.  Beautiful and perhaps misguided at times, they are always something special.  This F-Type is pretty much the top of the line.
 It's a convertible "S" model with All Wheel Drive.  Wow, a brief look at Jaguar's website tells us that this bad boy starts at $90k. 
 What do we get for that kind of money?  The beauty of a Jag.  380 supercharged horsepower.  An 8-speed transmission.  All wheel drive.  Limited slip differential.  Computer controlled suspension. Enormous brakes.....
 I can't find a bad angle on the convertible.  I wish the lighting was better.
 On the coupe, the roof line melds into the boot (English for Trunk!) a bit more elegantly than the convertible.  Then again, I didn't see the car with the top down.
Meow, roar, whatever your feline sound is.  Those exhaust tips mean business.

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