Sunday, February 05, 2017

Mountain Biking because I Heart Climbing

 I've spent a lot of time lately indoors on the trainer.  This last week has been good for the soul with better weather and being able to ride outside.  Today I went to Greensfelder again because I thought it would be the best chance to get in some good climbing in a short amount of time.  The trail was 80% deluxe, 20% slime.  I stuck mainly to the north and east of the grounds to avoid any real slime.  I threw in the asphalt Scenic Loop, a short 2.1 mile jaunt through Greensfelder that has some eye-popping 18% sections.  And a downhill where I topped 38mph...on my mountain bike, mind you.  If you look closely at my rotor, you'll see a lovely rainbow shade, with a lot of dark purple.  Yeah, after you hit 38mph, you have to grab a handful.  That will sand right out....right??
It was only a little over an hour for me, 13 miles and 1600+ feet of climbing.  There's another cool climb that I hit twice today, the gravel double track that climbs up from the depths of the area to the Scenic Overlook.  That climb hits 20-plus percent several times.  It's a real grunt.

Climbing day - Mission Accomplished.

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