Friday, February 24, 2017

Cliff Cave - Because Everyone Can Learn to Corner Better

To break my Greensfelder addiction, late this afternoon I went to Cliff Cave.  Braving the traffic on Telegraph Road, the sun burst out right as I drove into the park.  I never spend much time here, as it's pretty easy to cover the trails back and forth in an hour, but it's an hour well spent.  Hitting the leaf-strewn corners at full tilt, corner after connected corner, builds skills.  I feel like a bad ass drifting through left/right transitions.  I saw one couple walking.  Other than that, I was totally alone out there.
I had to get this shot.  The super blue sky, light and puffy clouds, the steep hillside, and the old trusty seat bag.  This view and the trails made me forget about all the dumb things I've done lately.

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