Sunday, February 12, 2017

Nice Long Ride At Greensfelder

Fantastic day to ride mountain bikes.  Whereas Friday the trail was a bit muddy, today it certainly was not. I went to Greensfelder again because I had to truncate my ride Friday.  My goal was to ride all of the trails there in one big loop.  It was a great ride for a total of 15.5 miles and 1600 feet of climbing.  One glitch:  My rear tire was seeping air the entire time.  It's been going on for a few weeks now, but the leakage accelerated today.  I'm blaming the tape job on the rim, because as you can see there appears to be dirt collecting on the seam between the tire and rim, both sides, all the way around.
And for all of you seat bag haters, I say BEHOLD!  Captain Seatbag to the rescue!  I topped the rear tire off and finished the ride in style.  I did, however, forget to close the seat bag.  No harm, no foul, all of my goods were still intact when I reached the car.

Bottom line:  Greensfelder has some bad ass, challenging trails with a fair amount of distance if you put them all together.  And...don't forget the seat bag!

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