Monday, February 06, 2017

30x Stairclub and Creepy Photos

Contrary to most recent photos, I have run stairs mostly at night.  It has just worked out that way over the many years that I have done them. No matter which stairs I have run (MRH bleachers, West Richmond, etc.) I have never felt spooked or wary of running them at night.  Tonight I thought about taking photos of the Shrewsbury strairs and what should I find but some really freaking creepy shots!  I like the first one, the lighting is awesome.
The shot from the top looking down makes me think that Micheal Meyers from the Halloween movies should be standing down there, creepy mask and all.  But standing there taking these photos wasn't in the least scary.  Fun shots, though.

Thirty times up and down tonight, felt pretty darn good.  #stairclub !

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