Monday, February 13, 2017

Car Watching - 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

 Ah, my favorite Fastback.  Well, it's a toss up between this and the 71-73.  The 67 has the little slots in front of the rear wheels and the framed Pony grill (no framed pony grill on this one).  The owner is a new mountain biker and I was able to get some shots of the car and ask him a few questions.
This is the phoenix from the ashes of a coupe that bit the dust.  He transplanted the engine, along with a few upgrades, into this Fastback.
 It has an awesome profile.   The modern wheels are actually pretty nice looking.
 If you go over the paint with a magnifying glass, you can see flaws.  But as a driver this thing is stunning.
 The concave 67-68 tail light panel gets me every time.  And the roofline as it molds into the trunk lid is awesome.
So, what's in it?  Internal combustion goodness, that's what.  Not only is it a manual transmission, but the V8 is no joke.  It's a 302 that's bored and stroked to the max to make it a 347cu in.  On top of that?  A Procharger centrifugal supercharger.  Yikes.  700-ish horsepower is what the owner thinks.  A nice catch for a Saturday morning!

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