Saturday, August 29, 2009

good ride, great super smokers!

deanna and i weren't about to sit around today and get bitten by the cleaning virus. you know, that virus that covers the walls and the floors and even the ceilings in your house. it waits for you to get a free moment, then covers you in guilt and despair over the condition of your messy house. right when you want to plop down and take a rest, the cleaning virus pummels you and in no time you've got a mop in one hand and a broom in the other....all the while the only free time you've had in days goes out the window.

well, i'm here to tell you that while our house did get cleaned tonight, the virus didn't attach itself to our sensitive immune systems until after we'd had a good ride and a good meal.

we did our favorite eureka/wildwood loop again, this time adding a bit to make 25 miles. deanna has a few more miles in her legs since the last time we rode together, so it was a bit more brisk and a lot more fun today. again the weather cooperated and made for an ideal time to be outside.

afterward, we cruised up the outer road from six flags and met uncle kevin and katie at super smokers. they had kept the little general overnight and we were delighted to have them meet us for a meal. i told deanna that i want to have super smokers served at my funeral. especially the blt and the giant nachos. and make sure they have those green beans, too.

little general safely in hand, we reached home and caught the cleaning virus so bad that it's 9:12pm and we're still shuffling around straightening and wiping and sweeping. but, we rode our bikes together, which is nice.

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