Thursday, August 27, 2009

concrete production

regardless of what you might think is used in concrete, i'm here to tell you that THIS is concrete. what is this, you ask?

it's the residue from honey bunches of oats (with almonds) and milk. yes, the common bowl of cereal. you see, here at the kakouris household, concrete production pretty much goes on every morning...sometimes at night, too, when a quick snack before bed is required. when a bowl of the dastardly stuff is not rinsed out after the person eating it has finished, the residue is left to fester. once dry, the milk/honey bunches of oats (with almonds) mix turns to concrete.

instead of chip and seal (which is a common way for st. louis municipalities to cover aging road surfaces) may i recommend milk/honey bunches of oats (with almonds) to coat your road instead??

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Jim said...

riveting post, tim. slow news day? lol.