Thursday, August 13, 2009

roton products - americans building awesome stuff

i visited my friend ethan at his place of work today and took a personal tour of the whole shooting match. it's a place called roton products.

they actually MAKE stuff. really cool, useful stuff out of tons of different materials. you know how hospital beds go up and down? it usually takes something like the screw and nut set up in the photo. that's precision stuff. roton makes the screw, the strange looking nut (that one rides on ball bearings that actually circulate through the little pipe and back again into the threads...super trick), from bare metal stock. there were more machining tools than you could count, all state of the art stuff. not only that, but they have people that make machines and parts to make the parts. they even custom make the boxes that the long, threaded screws are shipped in...right there, right when they need to be boxed up, in mere minutes. there is also a killer quality control lab, with sophisticated machines that measures the parts in 10,000ths of an inch!! and yes, the guy that runs the lab showed me how some of it is done. get this...there's even a testing machine that runs most of the day, every day, for a loooong time, to see if a bolt or a screw or a particular material will stand up to the use and abuse that it's supposed to!

so yes, americans do make things. some of them make a LOT of really good, high quality things from scratch. ROTON PRODUCTS

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