Monday, August 03, 2009

losing battle

gratuitous castlewood race photo

i feel that every day i'm losing the battle with the boys. they demand so much energy and it is so difficult to keep up with their gyrations and swings of mood. tonight elijah drew on the walls with an ink pen. i think that the best thing for them is to put them into an ironman training program so they are too worn out to cause damage to the home.

then i think about how much i try to do in a day, and it sinks in that i may just have to stop what i'm doing and devote all of my attention to them. the beautiful mrs k has been telling me this for a couple of years. she likes to tell me "i told you so" (even though she hasn't about this yet) and this is one of those times that she'd be right.

hanna has always been a bit different. not that she's a perfect angel, but she just doesn't have the destructive tendencies that seem to be a young male exclusive. lucky for us she likes to help us clean and straighten the house, especially now that we give her an allowance based on her help.

i don't believe in those super nanny shows one bit, but many days i wish that i had a crystal ball to show me how to handle the boys.


Dan Schmatz said...

Its funny sort of. We have friends around smash's age, some girls and some boys. None of the girls are nicknamed Smash.

Jim said...

ok bud. i'm a few weeks older than you and you're still thin as a certain anorexic female cyclist we know!!! time for you to spend some time with your kids and gain weight like i did!!! it's not about the bike, it's about them!!!

i look forward to calling you "blubber boy!"