Tuesday, August 18, 2009

school starts!

yesterday was hanna's first day as a fourth grader. to me, it was quite the big deal. i kept waiting all day for that phone call from her, telling me all about it. it didn't come so i called her last night.

she was pretty laid back about it. no big deal. it was obviously more exciting for me. it's not every day my first born goes to fourth grade, but that didn't seem to concern her much.

tomorrow is tyson's first day as a third grader. he's a bit more torn up about it. he's not quite as relaxed as hanna is about things like this. i'm pretty sure by this time tomorrow night, things will be all good...at least i'm hoping.

in a couple of weeks, the little general will start pre-school. the world will be introduced to eli...at least his pre-school class will be. one of his girlfriends is going to be in his class, so that may have a calming effect. or precisely the opposite. hope with us, will you, that it will be a peaceful, wonderful experience for eli and all of those involved?

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