Thursday, August 20, 2009

i still ride bikes

i have ridden my bike sometime in the past week. i pedaled in anger last friday, which felt fantastic. i rode with mrs k on saturday, too.

i did the tuesday night worlds, too. i left the house around 4:30 and pedaled pretty much up to the start time, 6pm. i figured i'd get a little more saddle time that way. the race was harder than i wanted, and i didn't feel so hot. then i pedaled home, making it a 3 hour ride with some time spent standing in line for registration. not bad.

i pedaled into ucity to visit my brothers at the shark on wednesday night. the traffic was a mess at that time of day, but it was phenomenal people watching conditions. some crazy concert going on, or ticket sales, or something...

i still need to dust off the supafly from spanish lake. the supa needs a new chain, too. sigh. after a long day today (12 hours of work time, yikes), i'm not too keen about working on it. i sort of have to, seeing that we're racing in cape girardeau on sunday.

i'll get to it. probably.

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