Tuesday, August 04, 2009

miscellaneous ramblings

1. kids repeat things you say. no matter what it is that you say. and when they say it, it may be much cuter than when you say it, but that doesn't make it right. tip: don't laugh, it only encourages them.

2. i hate to drink water. i have never really liked it. i have to force myself to drink it instead of the 1001 things that taste better.

3. it has occurred to me that banks, many of whom are still having some financial difficulty, could possibly dig themselves out of the hole they are in simply by NOT sending useless mail. like a letter to tell you that you will receive a letter at a later date.

4. can i call a beat up brown grand am, full of young kids heckling me on while riding my bike, GRAND DAMAGE?

5. i used my power tap whilst doing the crit tonight. i will never download the data. somehow it's just better that it's being used instead of sitting on my desk.

6. i was thinking about my friend chris doing the insane 500 mile CTR race while i was riding home tonight from the crit. i got on my bike at 5pm, rode to the course, raced, rode home and arrived by 7:40pm. yep. long enough for me.

7. my friend doug, who i have raced with on and off throughout the years, seems to be riding his bike again. we made a fast trade the other day...i think i got the better end of the deal.

8. i'm not buying a cross bike to race this year. i'm going to race the supa fly. don't nag me, i'm not winning anyway.

9. hanna spilled a big slushy in my car the other day. now the car has an odd fruity smell. a few more hot days and it will be an odd decaying smell. anybody want to buy a wagon?

10. i dropped the "good" camera a few weeks back and now have to use packing tape to hold the battery door closed. is that ghetto?

11. i need a snack.


Butthead said...

Get a CX bike. You know you won't be happy on the 29er.

Dan Schmatz said...

He won't be happy no matter what.

TK said...

@dan...but i won't be a grand poorer having bought a bike i won't win on!!!

i can always count on my friends to set me straight.