Sunday, August 09, 2009

funny people

the beautiful mrs k and i came up with a date night last night. as you may remember reading here, it's not easy. we have kids everywhere, dogs, jobs, spills, thrills, raccoons, 'possums, bikes, hail storms, soccer games...these things all work against a good date night.

mrs k looked pleasantly hot (i was going to take photos, but you know...) and we sought food. we decided on casa gallardo because it was close to the movies. it was pretty tasty and we left there quite full. we could have rolled down to ronnies, but we squeezed ourselves into the car and drove down instead.

we chose funny people, a rather dark-ish adam sandler movie. he's always good for a laugh, though, and he didn't disappoint. the supporting cast was good, too, and despite the cynicism that seems to surround the comedians, it's worth seeing. especially if you're an adam sandler fan.

it was a long movie, 2+ hours, so we picked up the little men pretty late and we were beat. ah, date nights don't end the way they used to....

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