Wednesday, August 19, 2009

at the bus stop

waiting at the bus stop for tyson's first day.
ELI: what's all the fuss about? i should have stayed in bed. take me to grandma's.
TYSON: i'm going to pretend that i'm excited to go to school. maybe then they will stop taking pictures.
DEANNA: if i stick my tongue out, no one will take this photo seriously. i hate getting my picture taken...but i want to be in the blog more often.
TYSON: please, woman! enough with the hugs and pictures!
DEANNA: i can't believe he's going to be a third grader!
TYSON: mom stuck her tongue out, so it must be a good thing.
ELI: i'm going to try to keep my tongue out all day like this. it feels neat.
TYSON: bye!
DEANNA: bye honey!

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Kevin and Katie said...

The sticking the tounge out thing I have decided comes from the Zimmer's because Kevin does the same thing ALL the time.