Saturday, February 07, 2009

three riding stories

i won't bore you. the quick and the dirty:

1. friday night. it was still warm, so i suited up and hung the light on the homegrown and hit the streets of st. louis. warm, yes. but it was also wet and icy. i saw my sorry life flash before my eyes several times on the icy moguls.

2. saturday morning. the "long" one. did the old sunset loop, complete with all the short steep grunts. warm, yes. wet, yes. very little ice. i got in almost 50 miles.

3. saturday afternoon. i was supposed to share a little crit knowledge with the beautiful mrs k and some of the ghisallo women that plan on racing this year. problem: only cristal and mrs kloha joined us. problem 2: tilles park is a nightmare on saturdays. mental note made. so, being blown from my "long ride", i bid them goodbye and they had a nice road ride by themselves.

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