Thursday, February 12, 2009

my jerseys, edition ten

i started stage 1 in 2002 after i raced for the thf team. a few guys i know didn't really want to race for any local teams, so we got together and made it happen. the first jerseys were just stock cannondale stage 1 jerseys. that's ok, we matched. we had myself, luke m, john rines, doug scronce, brian "call me aflack" alferman, tom "el ranchero" lebeouf, dan bischoff, jason, and a couple others that i just can't remember. it was fun to be a part of something different.
in 2003, we got custom jerseys. i, for one, really liked these. now they seem a little busy, but it was just enough different from the other kits out there. the team sort of fell apart over time, as most hodge podge teams do. and i just didn't have the guts to keep it going. i did keep wearing the stuff for a couple more years, though. so, like usual, i was the only one in the kit unless alferman showed up, too cheap to buy anything new. i guess i was, too.

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Schvonzie said...

Why does my personal fiscal responsibility always come into play?

Zach Highland was also on the team.