Friday, February 06, 2009

mountain biking, st. louis style

maybe it's not st. louis style, maybe it's my style. when i get a chance to go off roading, i have to take it. knowing that the weather was set to warm up after thursday, i set off for castlewood even though i also knew there was ice and snow on the trails. i figured i'd just wing it.

and i did have to wing it. the lone wolf trail was ice. i wasn't doing that. a lot of the flats were ice. not doing that. but the ranger station climb was dry dirt and rock! so in old school 1997 style i did repeats. i did a bunch of ranger station climbs and some cardiac climbs with some trips down justin's.

it wasn't ideal, but i got some climbing and downhilling under my belt.


Dan Schmatz said...

I had a grand plan to hit the trail afterwork yesetrday only to find a rear flat on both bikes!!!

An hour on the road is nowhere near as fun or mind clearing as an hour offroad.....

TK said...

you said it. i'm looking forward to the next time i can get out there.