Tuesday, February 17, 2009

air 9 and other projects

my small basement workshop is at it's most cluttered state since moving into this house. i just don't have the time to do everything i want to do, so i get a few minutes into each of them and then i'm off on a diaper adventure or a sippy cup disaster. this is my racing bike for this year, the air 9. it's beautiful.

i just got the fastback together on saturday and it needs a few finishing touches. the bars are wrong and that means retaping. that will take me all day. mechanical stuff = good, taping = bad.

i acquired this from some cannondale people. it's the heavy duty american made aluminum frame. i have a few ideas for the direction it should go in, but that's all for now...ideas. those bars on the ground are supposed to go on the fastback, the carbon tubulars are supposed to go back to dan, and the green pump doesn't work.
dura ace 7700 cranks, circa 2001. these were on the schwinn, and the clearcoat was all crazed and peeling. i think if i can just spend five minutes a day, i can get them sanded and polished by 2011.

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