Wednesday, February 11, 2009

schwinn fastback ltd

friends, you are looking at my 2001 thf team race bike, the schwinn fastback limited. yes, it's actually the one i used. the kaiser has been caretaking for it since that time. with his newfound penchant for carbon road bike madness, this one had to go. and i got it back.

look closely. yes, that a syncros titanium seatpost. and campy proton wheels. oh, that odd mix of campy and dura ace that i used to favor so much is present also. wow, what a time warp.

what are my plans? immediately, i said ebay. now, i think i might ride it for a bit.

just because i can.


Anonymous said...

Old bikes are like old girlfriends. Even the ones you don't like anymore deserved to be frozen in time and recollected now and again. Keep that mutha and take it out for a spin once in a while. Nothing wrong with gettin' some strange every so often.

Anonymous said...

I always wanted one of those - if you run across one for a reasonable price in a medium, let me know!

Anonymous said...

Did you end up placing this on ebay a few months back. If not, one very similar that didn't match the catalog option frames. Still for sale? smailsteve AT yah00

TK said...

nope. i have actually been racing this thing for the last 3 years now. i really like it, kinda hard to part with it. tk