Sunday, February 01, 2009

jam packed saturday birthday adventures

a trip down to soulard netted us a visit to the radio disney extravaganza. there was painting, face painting, mask making, music, dancing, giveaways, contests, fred bird, you name it. here, hanna demonstrates the proper technique. yes, it was latex, not watercolor.
yes, eli, latex. good thing he had on his new shoes. at least they gave him a smock. i think he still has paint on his hands today.

i just like the puzzled looks on their faces in this shot.

the freeze dancing was a popular contest. there wasn't much room in the disney tent for all the action they had planned. it seemed like the kids really didn't mind, though.

fred bird couldn't wait to see eli. as you can see here, eli didn't mind letting fred bird take a photo with him. the big kids tried to check out fred bird, but he dashed off to a porta potty.

later that evening, we hit the old spaghetti factory. i am obviously blinded by the sinister camera, while tyson is trying a new technique to ensure his photos come out well. the technique needs adjustment.

it was a rowdy bunch, but we were never threatened with expulsion. the girls were great, tyson just saw a flying llama, and eli kept tickling me to make sure i smiled for the photo.

hmmmm. either the spaghetti was really good or he just had an accident.

the wait staff sang happy birthday to the new nine year old. that a grape push pop with a candle in it. that spaghetti factory aims to please!

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