Sunday, February 22, 2009

2009 froze toes race

the beautiful mrs k, all psyched up to race froze toes. surprisingly, she wasn't as nervous as i get when i race. and believe me, when it's 20-some-odd degrees, i don't race. i was in the service of the race queen today.
the normal carnage from the scene of registration. we preregistered, and flew right through. that's the way to go! we were able to see tons of friends and riders that we haven't seen since gateway cup...or even longer.

mrs k, warming up on trainer in the sun. it was still only 26 or 27 degrees right here. it was hard to tell who people were outside because everyone had on the heavy winter gear. i only know that this is my wife because she was bossing me around. nah, she was very gracious.

2 miles into it, i stopped to get a photo of the cat 4 women flying down the road. of course, deanna is pulling. i shouted out to her not to do that. she listened, somewhat. but still pulled too much. i drove the entire course ahead or behind them. i picked up a guy who had lost a derailleur pulley and he had to listen to me babble for the whole lap. oh, well, he got a ride back to the school!

couldn't resist taking this photo while driving on the course ahead of the girls. these are all birds. it was an amazing sight. i've never seen this many birds in my life in one place.

the after race pow wow. deanna, julie, and cristal made the final selection of about 10 girls after the initial 30 started. they battled it out until the last quarter mile when some girls went down. julie and cristal went down hard, and deanna did a 2003 tdf lance armstrong move and rode through the ditch to avoid the carnage! i was very happy to see her come to the line unscathed and in 9th place, but very unhappy to see the other girls misfortune. last year, she threw her water bottle at me because she was cold, tired, and dropped by mile 25. this year, she was in it to win it, or at least fight for it. she was 1.3mph average faster this year. now that's improvement!


bikesbugsandbones said...

Yeah for the beautiful Mrs. K!

StephanieN said...

I can give the inside Scoop (from inside the Women's Cat 4 race)! Your wife did a great job! AND she was gracious and nice about it the whole time. That's what makes "the competition" fear her even more!

TK said...

wow, that's such a nice thing to say! i knew it...she does two races in her entire life and already has more friends and a bigger following that i do after THIRTY YEARS! ha. i'm very proud of her. thanks!

hanna kakouris said...

it is funny looking at grown-ups talking on the web