Wednesday, February 25, 2009

as i sit......

...the dishwasher is going for round two. it doesn't clean dishes so much as make noise.

...i'm still thinking about how nice my ride home was today. i'm not in the kind of shape i would like to be, but that's the fun part about the rise and fall of fitness: the best is still to come.

...i am freaking out on the reasonable bill i received from jt dunn heating and cooling. my buddy brett works there and did an excellent job of squaring away a furnace problem and i didn't pay a lot for that muffler, let me tell you. eli kept calling him burt. that's funny. at the computer, i would like to thank all of the people who called and mailed me about my previous post. some people read this thing, and some people care. at the computer, i would like to propose that the person or persons who commented so harshly about my last post come talk to me in person. hey, if you're going to be mean, why not get maximum effect and tell me off in person? don't be afraid, i'm no tough guy.

...on the couch, i'm thinking it may be the first time i have relaxed all day. and

...on the couch, i'm still tense., i'm dreaming of a vacation. deanna and i have talked about arizona. too bad schvonzie had to ruin a good thing and move back to stl.

...and wonder about the bald tires on my car, i can't help but to think i'm tempting the lords of the freak snow storm to chase me like the hounds from hell.

...and listen to the dishwasher, the clothes washer, the drier, and the furnace, i can't help but to think it's still strangely more calming than when the boys are awake.

...and type, i'm wondering why i can't get the dogs and kids out of my bed and go to sleep?

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