Sunday, February 15, 2009

old bikes, recurring respiratory issues

i polished up the old fastback and put her back into racing form. it was pretty much a time capsule, so it needed to be updated. i swapped off anything that was really long in the tooth (shifters, rear derailleur, wheels, cassette, bars, stem) for newer stuff that was at my disposal. pretty much, it's a mixture of shimano now instead of shimano/campy. it's for the best.

i took it for a short ride on saturday. i've always wondered why that i have never been blown away by carbon bikes. after saturday's ride, i pretty much know why. the old fastback was (and is) a wonderful bike. it's light, very quick on it's feet, and for some odd reason the ride is quite smoove. say what you want, but it's hard to improve on this thing. i may have to have some custom builder replicate this thing some day. i found myself really wanting to ride more, but...

this perplexing respiratory thing keeps coming and going. i've had it six times since september. it's more or less the same scenario: heavy feeling in my sinuses, scratchy throat, cough, maybe a little rattling in the throat/chest. onset can be hours, and the process takes anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks to go. but, it can return in another week or in three weeks, too. somehow, i don't believe i'm getting colds/infections that often nor that quickly. i'm leaning towards an allergy of some kind, but what? this happened in the summer, fall, and winter. surely it's not seasonal stuff. maybe something i eat? maybe something in the house? maybe i'm allergic to housework?? this latest bout is maybe 11-12 days old. it's slowly but surely leaving me.

whatever the case may be, it complicates my already hectic work and home life.

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