Saturday, February 14, 2009

birthday celebration, redux

every year, since hanna and max have very close birthday's, we do a dual party for them. it was a family shindig, full of pizza and ice cream cake.
my stupid camera is never on time, but this caught the little darlings in mid blow. they are so typical for their ages. hanna is a little rock star with impeccable clothing taste and max is the junior athlete who knows the stats and scores of all the games. they are both wise beyond their years.

and this little guy is not wise beyond his years. he's the cutest little mess you've ever seen. what is that on his face, you say? oh, it's icing from the cake. uncle kevin thought it was funny that he had so much icing on his face, and then suggested he use it with his little thomas the train shaving kit. and here we see him playing out that little skit...icing as shaving cream. nice kevin...nice.
i believe his face is still blue, even after his bath.

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