Wednesday, June 18, 2008

when morning comes

there are very few people in our house that are morning people. obviously, tyson is not a morning person. i'm not sure if he is awake here or if he is sleep dressing.
in an effort to get eli moving along without too much protest, the beautiful mrs k told eli he could pick out his own clothes. we were all quite delighted at his choices. lightning mcqueen slippers, fishing hat, and a fetching polo style shirt round out his ensemble. rosco does not look as impressed as we were.

and he's off! when the laughter died down about his clothing selection, eli demanded his backpack be installed and off he went. it was hilarious to watch him bounce around in his slippers and that hat. we took him to grandma's house just like this. he is a character, and he is the only human around here that loves to wake up with the sun. the dogs wake up just as the sun breaks the horizon, an act for which i may turn them into eli's next slippers.

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