Thursday, June 12, 2008

pillow talk

eok: tyson?
txw: yeah, eli?
eok: do you think worms really taste bad?
txw: ewwww! you should try 'em and find out.
eok: tyson?
txw: whaaaat?
eok: something stinks...
txw: ewwwww! moooooooooooooom! eli has a poopy diaper!
eok: who said anything about MY diaper??

eok: rosco?
rpc: yeah, kid?
eok: sorry i pulled your hair again.
rpc: you said that last time, kid. didn't stop you from doin' it again.
eok: i know, but i'm still sorry. sometimes i get carried away.
rpc: yeah, yeah.
eok: rosco?
rpc: what now, kid?
eok: what's potty training?
rpc: how should i know?

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