Sunday, June 22, 2008

webster groves crit

the webster crit is a race i really enjoy. it's close to home, it's a nice course if you can avoid all of the holes in the road, and it's well attended by racers and spectators alike. my race was late in the day, so i rode to the race, registered, and spun around with brian for a while to keep warmed up.

of course, i ran into all kinds of people i knew. that's another great thing about bicycle racing. we caught a little of the 4/5 race, too. mcD was in there and looked just fine by the end, too.

our race was awesome. it was fast from start to finish, with very few shenanigans. it was only brian and i to represent thf, so we had to let a lot of things go up the road, mainly a lot of the shark and dogfish and mesa riders. i was feeling good, but not about the last corner. so, with 2 to go, i jumped on the backside when the group hesitated. i was hoping they had hesitated more, but i didn't get too far. i made it almost a whole lap before i blew sky high and the whole group came flying by. nuts. but, on the plus side, brian did manage a well-deserved 3rd place. so not a bad day for us.

the beautiful mrs k, along with eli and hanna, were there for the last few laps cheering me on. they got to see my glory lap, and the subsequent explosion. they get pretty happy when i spend any time at the front, and i did that today, and not just on my glory lap. my fitness is coming around (seems like it's always coming around, doesn't it??) right in time for no races.

boy, if there was some good off roading to be had, i might win a race.


Schvonzie said...

We didn't let to much go up the road without one of us in it, just the stuff that wouldn't work. You covered a lot of stuff and were super-consistant. You should be stoked.

Can you bring the bubble machine to work?

What about the ghisallo staff pool party?

TK said...

thanks, it felt good.

ixnay on the bubble machine. mrs k says you can come over to our house if you want to play with it.

pool party is up in the air. who's coming? what's the attire?