Sunday, June 22, 2008

bubble machine

even after a hard day on the bike for dad, the children keep going, and going... the beautiful mrs k is always coming home with summer fun stuff from, where else, target. today, it was the extreme bubble machine. this thing is an engineering marvel for it's simple yet completely effective spewing of millions of bubbles. what does one do with all those bubbles? well, if you're 8 and 2 years old, you probably don't think much about cheesy night clubs and those bubble machines. you probably just stand in front of them and swat them and swing at them and get all soapy. i have to admit even i got in on the action. believe me, this thing puts out A LOT of bubbles.

i was not without my own gifts, though. mrs k and the little darlings presented me with my father's day gifts today. a small air compressor (perfect for airing tubeless tires and blowing off grips) and a small vacuum that plugs into the cars accessory outlets. wow, does the family truckster ever need that!

although my family thoroughly wears me out, they also thoroughly love me to death.

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kirk r said...

Lawrence Welk would be proud!
Can Eli Waltz?