Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a little mtn bikin'

although i am a little tired from the weekend, i feel surprisingly good. mrs k and i cruised around with the boys last night on our bikes and i guess that worked out some of the kinks.

i felt good enough today to saddle up the mtn bike and go for a ride at lost valley. the trail is great but the overgrowth is not. the fire road sections are fully grown up so that you're constantly getting whipped by the tall weeds and grass. i picked a couple of blood sucking ticks off and that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. snakes i can handle, creepy, crawly bugs i cannot.

ticks aside, it was a nice ride. i found myself riding the technical sections pretty well, wishing that i did it more. i intend to do so, especially if the rain continues to hold off, as it should in the summer time.

there wasn't a soul out there this morning. i was hoping to run into someone, but i guess most people have regular jobs and not retail hours like we do.

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