Monday, June 02, 2008

family camp

all photos courtesy of grandpa and/or the buck family. thanks! the whole family, except for me of course, went to family camp this last weekend. it was hot and sticky but kids love that kind of stuff, especially if they can get muddy or somehow be in the water. here, the slip n slide is taken to new heights by eli, helped along by mommy and katie.
yep. that last strip of bacon really did it. i'm going to feel that one later.

ahoy, there mate! batten down the hatches! hoist the main sails! don't forget the fruit roll ups! we're going boatin'! max chaperone's eli on a maritime voyage.

mrs k guides the little ones on a paddle boat ride. here tyson can be seen in secret bicycle race training, pushing the big meat. dan has been advising him on his high gear, low cadence training and it's paying off. his grimace is just about right.

are we on? are we on now? hi! i'd like to tell you all about family camp and how much fun it is! just ask my mommy. she put up with all of us kids for three days without air conditioning! so you KNOW it's gotta be terrific!

tyson has perfected his wallace and grommet smile. here, he gives us a little taste in front of a small pine tree and mrs k's orbea oiz, out for a cameo appearance. acres is the place for me, farm living is the life for me.....

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