Tuesday, June 17, 2008

pause mpg

my favorite modern mustang (oxymoron) is the 2001 cobra convertible. why? 32v v8, independent rear suspension, no supercharger nor the weight that comes with it, clean lines without excessive scoops, etc. in my mind, it's the only one that i wouldn't be compelled to modify, simply because it's pretty much a solid performer and would be fun to own as-is.

the beautiful mrs k has a friend who lives close to us that drives this very vehicle...only in my absolute favorite color, dark blue. i think i should make a standing offer to be first in line if it ever goes on the block. what the heck? i'm rich, right?

....and no, it doesn't meet any of my criteria for owning a car except fun. deal with it!


cheri said...

do deannas friends also have a 99 black cobra convertible & 08 grabber orange GT convertible? I read Kevin your post he is sure you are talking about his favorite of our 3! he loves that car!

TK said...

ah, of course it's his favorite. he has good taste! call me if it goes up for sale, cheri!

cheri said...

will do!

Lynchmob said...

TK - 800 yds away from your place of employment sits a 500 hp Ford powered beast of an AC Cobra.

It sits quietly with a light film of dust collecting just waiting for someone that can appreciate its heritage to turn the key and let it breathe for a while. I am hardly ever up to the task.

Anytime you feel the need to blow your hair back in a simple, classic, top-down roadster, just let me know and I'll give you the garage code.

Dad, Sponsor, Small Business Owner

TK said...

just when you think all is lost, along comes a guy like this...i LOVE this guy!