Monday, June 23, 2008

"AAA by Ghisallo"

after a leasurely ride around town tonight, i sat down to dinner with mrs k and hanna and eli. eli had already conned his way into eating the ted drewes that grandma got him earlier in the day, but fell asleep before he had more than a few bites. it was deanna's famous spaghetti and meatballs, so i gobbled it up. just before i finished, there was a phone call.

it seems that the brother in laws had taken grandpa out for a leasurely ride of their own, but hit a snag when granpa had a mechanical. deanna asked if she or i should go, and the mind reels at how the beautiful mrs k would have handled it. she's gotten good at fixing flats, but i was pretty sure i should take this call.

over to the park i drove. it sounded like a bad idea to ride over there with a stomach full of deanna's spaghetti, even with gas at $4. there the boys were, standing around grandpa's bike. they looked solemn. i pulled out my tools and swaggered over, much like the tow truck guys do when they come upon some hapless motorist who has put themselves in the bushes.

"so what do we have here?" i said. they all pointed at the offending part. i deflated a bit when i realized i had brought along tools that looked nothing like the tools that would fix grandpa's bike. i walked back to my car and shuffled around a little in the boot, then in the glove box. eureka! i took my trusty allen set over to the boys and fixed the bike. i had to admit to them that i had no idea i still had that allen set in the car, and that somewhere, sometime, i must have had some forethought. not much like me, i know, but it saved the day, or at least their ride.

grandpa said that it was a good thing that there was a triple A ghisallo driver available to help, and that it would probably make the blog. of course, this is really blogworthy stuff, yet wouldn't have made an entry tonight had i not pirated deanna's laptop. it seems my desktop computer has shot craps.

...and speaking of forethought, i bought the three year warranty for that.

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Anonymous said...

No need to tow, just fix and go!

Great Service.