Wednesday, June 25, 2008

very small beatdown

i was encouraged this morning when mrs k's women's ride was packed. there were women cyclists crawling all over the place, anxious to get in a good wednesday morning ride. i figured in some odd way that a big wednesday morning ride might translate into a big wednesday night beat down ride.

whilst the morning ride was spinning along, i had a couple of uninteresting and downright loathsome tasks to do...a trip to the gov-ment building in chesterfield and a visit to the best buy geek squad to fix my ailing desktop. the gov-ment building visit was necessary to get a pp tax waiver for the fusion, being that it's a leased car. much to my surprise, it was nothing more than a quick walk up to a deserted desk and for no fee i got the waiver.

gov-ment building visit: check.

i had to wait for best buy to open, as the lazy geeks don't show up until 10. once in, i was less than pleased to find out that the warranty covers the bad hard drive, not the task of restoring my software or stored data. ah, let the buyer beware. warranty's and safeguards are usually better for the issuer than for the buyer. who would have thought that best buy would be a worse experience than a gov-ment visit?

painful geeksquad visit: check.

last thing on the agenda today was the beatdown ride. i didn't do a whole lot of advertising for tonights ride, so all of my optimism really had no grounds in reality. only mcD joined me. it was just as well, as i had to turn the ride towards home since i was riding home after the beatdown. so we took off into wildwood and busted out some great pacelining and eventually some good hill climbing. mcD is coming along nicely with his fitness and had no trouble dishing some beatdown back at me unless we were going vertical. we climbed some mountain into his subdivision on our way home so i could refill my bottles at his house and he showed me the quick way out. it was warmer than it has been tonight which drained me pretty bad, but overall it was quite a good workout.

beatdown: check. (come to think of it, i could use me a good beatin'.)

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