Thursday, June 05, 2008

sick again

i know most people that read this blog will never believe this, but i'm not a sickly kind of guy. i spent many years of my life (18 to 27?) without much more than a common cold. that stuff changed when hanna was born, and now it seems like i get sick a LOT. i've had this upper and lower respiratory thing going on now for 3 and a half weeks. i finally got some antibiotics, but it's slow going and i've spent the last 5 nights coughing instead of sleeping. i'm feeling good about my fitness and the winghaven race this weekend was supposed to be big for me, but again life is getting in the way.

eli is sick as well. the poor little guy had a high fever last night and the beautiful mrs k had to take him to the emergency room last night. of course, by the time he left he was the life of the party and everyone at st. anthony's hospital knew his name. deanna stayed home with him today and we're hoping he's going to be better for the weekend.

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