Sunday, June 08, 2008

the weekend in review

my first baby was here for a big visit this weekend. the ever stylish hanna gives us the latest in fashion trends. she won that cool hat in the pig races at the carnival.
another cute face picture of the destroyer. he was in RARE form this weekend, a double whammy derived from his cold and our busy schedule. it's hard to stay too upset with this little face.

a great shot of hanna's surprised face as she learns that our two year old knows how to operate the camera better than i do...

....followed by the realization that when a camera is pointed at her, she has no choice but to bust into entertainer persona. dance, hanna, dance!

the only way i could pry the camera from his little clutches was to get him in FRONT of the camera. it was a perfect ruse, and the photo with him and tyson came out very nicely indeed.

"yeah! another year at the local carnival, another ride in these cheap fiberglass dune buggys. ah, what the heck, i love these things! let's go!"

"what the? did someone die back there? can we just get this thing going? i thought the gas prices only affected real cars. i paid my carnival ticket, now let's get this thing off the ground!"

"aw, what's this? i gotta car pool with these dead beats? my ride tickets said nothing about driving with you freeloaders."

keith finds out why mom's always carry backpacks for the kids castoffs. at least he's a good sport about it.

eli and dad go for a ride on the "train." it was a worm shaped object with offset wheels that rowed up and down as you went in circles. and since there was NO ONE waiting in line while we were riding, it went up and down in circles for an intolerable amount of time. jeez, i avoid the twirling rides so i don't get sick, and this is the ride i go on??

big kids on the big slide. their expressions are priceless. hanna just lost her hat.

eli saw the big kids on the slide and had to have a go of it. he couldn't go alone, though, so cousin gus took him. it took them about 5 minutes to climb the stairs up to the top, since the little guy could hardly reach from step to step. check out his expression here versus....

...his expression here. he was all tense at the top, all grins at the bottom.

check out the strut. he came, he saw, he conquered the carnival.

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