Wednesday, February 27, 2008

spring MUST be out there somewhere

the weathermen (and women, for the pc among you) say that the next couple of days will not be as bad as the last month has been. i'm hoping they're right. my seasonal depression is pegged right now. that little burst of sunshine this afternoon really put a spring in my step, though, and the promise of more is getting my attention.

my indoor workout tonight was a hard one. i think i'll be feeling it tomorrow when i do another hard workout...which i'll probably feel friday. maybe i'll just take some aspirin right now as sort of a preemptive strike.

mrs k is starting to think like a cyclist now. she's been checking out the race schedules and emailing the girls to see if she can get some teamwork for hillsboro. no sense in doing anything small, right? just jump in with both feet!

i wouldn't have expected anything less, to be honest. i don't guess she can be truly happy unless she is doing too much. why let anything like the half-marathon training get in your way of doing bike races? just do both!

oh, to be in 90 degree weather, on a dusty trail, sweating, thirsty, squinting through the bright sun, hoping for a breeze...that's what i'm talking about!

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