Sunday, February 10, 2008

riding at the 'wood

i have been busting to go off roading for a while now. saturday morning, i loaded up the homegrown and took to the hills.

i knew the ground wasn't going to be dry. i was a bit surprised that it was as dry as it was. i climbed ranger station, took the roller coaster clockwise, then came back up grotpeter and back down ranger station. i did that loop three times, then went all the way down grotpeter downhill and climbed back up for good measure. i ran into a few slick/wet spots that totalled about 100 yards while on the roller coaster. i coasted slowly through those sections, both to minimize splatter and my own impact, and it ended up pretty nice. my bike wasn't trashed and i got a good workout.

the park was surprisingly dead. there was only one or two other cyclists there. probably just as well. lots of the park was soaked.

now i have the off-road bug even worse.


Schvonzie said...

Homegrown feels good doesn't it? Can i interest you in OEM grips?

TK said...

yeah, i like the homegrown. but i'm a trailbike kinda guy. i love me some 'spension!!

take your busted grips and put 'em on a broom and sweep those floors.