Sunday, February 10, 2008

fish tacos are good

the kaiser and i have been threatening to go out and eat mexican with the wives for quite some time. we did just that saturday night.

the beautiful mrs k called a sitter and the kaiser and cindy met us at our humble abode. down to soulard we drove, to our new favorite mexican place, chavas. the wait was longer than usual because the place was packed, but we gabbed a while to pass the time. once we sat down, gobbled some chips and salsa, and ordered drinks, it was go-time for food.

i'm a creature of habit. i usually stick with something i really like. usually, it's the tacos, or even the enchilladas. but the soze's ordered fish tacos. i haven't indulged in the fish taco since back in the flaco's tacos days. i busted out with the fish tacos too and i've never been happier. wow, they were good.

since all of us were old and sane...well, maybe mrs k can't be called old, but she is pretty sane most of the time...we didn't drink the night away or party till the break of dawn. we just talked a little more to politely digest the meal and called it a night. i mean, what more can you do when your stomach is THAT full??


Anonymous said...

chavas is about as mexican as taco bell or hacienda.

it's called tex mex, t.k..

you were in tucson, right?

TK said...

and what are you, a food critic? i don't care if it's chinese dressed up in a tutu, it's good. got it, sucka?