Wednesday, February 20, 2008

good dinner, another old friend returns!

although i had to wait quite a while to eat dinner tonight, it was good. i had to do a rather tough trainer workout, and i didn't want the food to revisit me, so i had to wait until afterward.

but mrs k did me right and had it still warm on the stove. that woman can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, i tell you! it was chicken, broccoli, and wild rice. normally, i would have skipped the chicken and ate more brownies later, but she did something extra special and it was goooooood. i'm just bored of chicken. hey, even manna became pretty boring after wandering the desert for a while, didn't it? well, mrs k knows i'm not a huge chicken fan, so she always does something special with it.

peanut butter fans rejoice! peter pan peanut butter, which has slowly made it back to the market after the recall last year, has finally reintroduced the honey roasted crunchy stuff. ohhhhhhh yeah. me and my mom used to sit and eat peanut butter from the jar with spoons when i was younger. she used to joke that as long as there was pb, she needed no other food. hanna will say every once in a while that she doesn't really like pb. i have to cover her mouth, so that my mom won't hear those words from above. i mean, what grand daughter of hers could say such a thing??

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